High-Power Deep UV-LED

Outshining Light

UV light sterilization technology

Deep ultraviolet rays are effective against chlorine-resistant bacteria.
For a world with safe, secure water


Achieves the world's
highest output level of 50 mW
at a wavelength of 265 nm.

Deep ultraviolet LEDs
for water sterilization
attracting attention

As the world's population increases, securing safe, clean water has become a matter of urgency. Water purification has conventionally been done with filters or chlorine, but these methods have not been effective against chlorine-resistant bacteria. Under these circumstances, water sterilization that uses deep ultraviolet LEDs, which are highly effective against resistant bacteria, is attracting attention. Stanley has developed high-power deep-ultraviolet LEDs with a high sterilization capacity. This product is available as an alternative light source to replace mercury lamps, which have been the mainstream light source used in ultraviolet light application devices, such as sterilization devices.


Deep ultraviolet LEDs sterilization test
Measurement conditions (bacteria type: E. coli; Output: 40 mw; Irradiation distance: 100 mm; Irradiation time: 120 sec.)
A wavelength of 265 nm is highly effective for the destruction of chlorine-resistant cryptosporidium in water.

Made possible by
aluminum nitride substrate
and photonic structure

Stanley achieved the world's highest light output level of 50 mW at a wavelength of 265 nm, which has the most powerful sterilization capability. An aluminum nitride substrate with a photonic structure behind the substrate helps realize light output of 50 mW, the highest level in the world. Its compact size compared with existing sterilization light sources allows greater freedom of device design, making it possible to roll out deep ultraviolet LEDs for new applications as a mercury-free, environmentally friendly light source.

High Power Deep UV-LED ZEUBE265-2CA

Higher sterilization capability than any other wavelength.
Output will not drop as the temperature rises.

Sterilization by light is chemical-free and leaves no odors. This is perfect for cases such as items that may be consumed or touched by people, where it is necessary to kill bacteria with certainty and to a high degree for food and pharmaceuticals, and for environments where there are children and pets.





Product size






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Deep UV Water Sterilization LED Reactor

Major improvements in sterilization performance through proprietary water rectification mechanism and light distribution technology

The combination of our proprietary water rectification mechanism and our light distribution technologies cultivated in the manufacture of automobile headlamps has made it possible to irradiate water effectively with deep UV light. Compared with existing lamps, this product has many benefits. It is mercury free and places less burden on the environment, it can be used for long periods even with repeated switching on and off, and it obtains power instantly without needing to be warmed up. The number of applications for this product is likely to expand going forward.

Deep UV Water Sterilization LED Reactor
  • Benefits

    Deep UV LED Reactor with powerful sterilization capability at a wavelength of 265 nm
    Homogenization of flow rate distribution by water rectification mechanism
    Improvement of light use efficiency by lighting distribution technology

  • Applications

    Point-of-Use (POU)
    In-faucet water purifiers, mounted water purifiers, humidifiers, water for warm-water bidet-function toilets, drink dispensers, etc.
    Point-of-Entry (POE)
    Entrances of houses, condominiums, etc., small commercial facilities, etc.
    Water for raw materials, water for purifying, etc.