Fine Segment LCDs

Outshining Light

Speedy and certain
transmission of information

The fusion of PBTLCD, with its high contrast and legibility, and seamless, legible number displays


Smooth display
Minimization of mis-reading time
Lower rate of mis-reading

Universal design for
prevention of accidents and
errors due to mis-reading

Taking one's eyes off the road for even an instant has the potential to cause an accident. This is why the legibility of the displays on the vehicle's instrument and air-conditioning panels can help to improve safety. Fine segment LCDs, developed by Stanley, are a fusion of PBTLCD, with its high contrast and legibility, and seamless number displays that are difficult to mis-read. They realize universal design, making it possible to display text on the various control panels in a legible way.

Universal design

Design with excellent legibility, regardless of the user's age or physical condition, that allows all people to enjoy the provision of information equally.

Universal design

Bold sans-serif number displays using fine-segment structure.
Characteristics include high transmittance, high contrast and wide viewing angles.It has a small bezel and the display can be toggled between white on black and black on white. Accommodates outline distortion.

Pursuing more
legible number fonts

Fine segment LCDs provide greater legibility than seven-segment and dot-matrix LEDs, which are often used for numeric displays. In addition to pursuing more legible number fonts, the design has been set with as many segments overlapping each other as possible, to ensure that the necessary characters can be displayed efficiently in a limited area.

Number display Seven-segment Dot-matrix Fine segment
Display example 56 56 56
Advantages Fewer segments make up a single digit Possible to display various number shape options Realizes universal design
Disadvantages Low legibility, high mis-read rate, slow identification speed Poorer legibility on slanted lines, maximum number of segments per digit Large number of segments