Outshining Light

Optical technologies

Among the broad range of optical technologies, the domain in which Stanley most excels is optical technology for headlamps. Considering both safety and cost performance within a reasonable range, our primary development goal is to always deliver the safest headlamps to all. If we can deliver and spread safer products at prices that are affordable for all, we will be able to reduce the rate of accidents at a global level. Declaring the continued production of such affordable products as our mission, Stanley strives day by day toward our goal of developing products that are safe, comfortable, and able to reduce traffic accidents.


Revolutionary headlamps developed with optical technology

MR Headlamp
In 1985, Stanley launched the Multi-Reflector (MR) Headlamp, a revolutionary thin headlamp for automobiles. Simply put, the MR Headlamp is a headlamp without ridges in the lens. The original function of the reflector is to collect light, but we also gave it the light diffusion and light distribution adjustment functions that are usually provided by the lens ridges, and the front lens serves only as a see-through cover. This has provided many benefits, such as greater freedom of design and increased light volume.
Subsequently, the MR Headlamp became very popular worldwide, becoming the product that any headlamp manufacturer in any country would manufacture before any other.
ADB Headlamp
The ADB Headlamp detects information about oncoming vehicles and pedestrians and adjusts the light patterns automatically to prevent them being blinded. Stanley became the first manufacturer in Japan to commercialize the LED matrix ADB headlamp.
Projector Headlamp
Like the ADB Headlamp, Stanley was the first manufacturer in Japan to launch the projector headlamp. With a round convex lens inside the lamp, it looks just like a fish eye.

Simulation technology to bring certainty to optical technology

Using simulation software Stanley have developed ourselves to respond flexibly to rapidly changing market needs

Stanley develops various products that make use of the properties of light. Optical simulation technology is found in various parts of our manufacturing to confirm the optical technology of our products. For headlamps, CG is used to simulate light distribution on the road surface (with what distribution of intensity is the light shining on the road?). The results are then quantified for evaluation purposes. This simulation software has been developed by Stanley throughout its long history of development.