Dimming turn signals

Lights that come on in an instant and slowly dim
Next-generation turn signals
that combine "function" with "expression"

Dimming turn signals are a product of a co-creation project
between Stanley Electric and Mazda Motor Corporation.
This technology made its first appearance in Japan installed
on the Mazda CX-30 released in 2019.


Slow bulbs
Instant LEDs

"Bulbs (halogen bulbs)" gradually increase in brightness when turned on and gradually loose brightness when turned off. In contrast, "LEDs" instantly emit light when a current is applied and reach the peak of brightness. They also instantly go out when turned off. Such characteristics make LED turn signals exhibit superior visibility compared to halogen bulb turn signals. On the other hand, "LED" lights give a more mechanical and cold impression compared to "bulbs."


Dimming turn signals that glow like a heartbeat

By gradually dimming the light after reaching its peak instantly when turned on, dimming turn signals have a light waveform that combines the characteristics of both a bulb and an LED. As a result, it emits light instantly when turned on, so that the visibility of an LED turn signals retain, and it gradually turn off while leaving a lingering and giving a warmth when turned off. This technology realizes a turn signal that replicates a heartbeat.


Comparison between a normal LED and dimming turn signal

The backstory behind the development of Dimming Turn Signal is available on Mazda's official BLOG (JAPANESE).
Please see the section "MAZDA CX-30「ディミングターンシグナル」開発ストーリー".

https://blog.mazda.com/archive/20200220_01.html sitelink_icon

Dimming Turn Signal is featured on Mazda's official website (JAPANESE).
Please see the section "MAZDA CX-30 エクステリア".

https://www.mazda.co.jp/cars/cx-30/design/ sitelink_icon

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