Management Policy

In 2020, the Stanley Group established the "Stanley Group Third Long-Term Management Goals" with the aim of realizing the "Stanley Group Vision", which represents the basic values shared by the Group. Within this, guidelines for management plans are set for every three-year period.
In the "Guidelines for the VII Three-year Medium-term Management Plan" for April 2020 to March 2023, "Management: Challenges to transform manufacturing", "Business: Business transformation for sustainability and creation of new business", and "Culture and climate: Challenge to change culture and climate" are positioned as the most important matters.
In "Management: Challenges to transform manufacturing", we will further solidify the group matrix management of the three axes of business, function, and region through the evolution of manufacturing, development of human resources, and generation of cash.
In "Business: Business transformation for sustainability and creation of new business", under the key terms of customer satisfaction and new business, we will take on the challenge of establishing new businesses along with transformation to become an important partner for our customers.
In "Culture and climate: Challenge to change culture and climate", based on the Stanley Group Vision, we will transform the Stanley Group into a group in which each employee is motivated to take on challenges, where a culture and climate is formed that values that attitude, and a place for the creation of free communication.

Management Targets



Consolidated payout ratio


Total return ratio


ROE is targeted at 15% as a medium to long-term management index.
We also aim for a consolidated payout ratio of 20% or more and a total return ratio, including the acquisition of treasury stock, of 35% or more on a consolidated basis.
As a long-term growth engine, by focusing on improving productivity in addition to sales and increasing the amount of added value per person, we will aim for a strong management structure with an awareness of the break-even point ratio.