Toward Another 100 Years

Thank you very much for your constant support and dedication to
all activities of the Stanley Group.

For all the support as we commemorated the 100th anniversary of our
company's foundation in December 2020 - We thank you.
However, we see this achievement as only a milestone
on our journey toward another 100 years.

Being thoroughly committed to the pursuit of the value of light and
"manufacturing," it is our duty to contribute to society by developing
high quality products featuring safety and security for people.
Light has unlimited possibilities that bring joy to people's lives.
With the spirit of "Outshining Light," we are determined to continue our
challenge toward the possibilities of light and blaze our own trail towards a wonderful future.

With high expectations for the continuation of Stanley Group's journey
for the next 100 years, we request your spirited support to our future.


Yutaka Hiratsuka