Stanley Electric Donates UV sterilizer to Medical Institutions -


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January28 , 2021


Stanley Electric Donates UV sterilizer to Medical Institutions - 

Support Activities for Health Care Workers at Risk of COVID-19


-Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. (headquarters: 2-9-13 Naka Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and Representative Director: Yutaka Hiratsuka) is pleased to announce that it has donated UV sterilizer to medical institutions as part of its activities to support health care workers at risk of contracting COVID-19.

In order to reduce the risk of the pathogenic COVID-19 virus spreading among workers in medical environments, Stanley Electric requested that the All Japan Hospital Association introduce it to its member organizations so it could donate this equipment to over 200 medical institutions across Japan. The company has completed donating total 460 units of this equipment to university hospitals and other medical institutions and public facilities. Many of these establishments have told Stanley Electric that they already have put these donations are into practical use.


●Donated Products: UV sterilizer

●Product Features:

・Uses 254nm245-nm UV rays to sterilize bacteria and viruses

・Employs safe design that turns off the UV-CCL when the front door opens, preventing UV leakage

・Equipped with a long-lasting UV-CCL (made by Stanley Electric) with a 50,000 -hour lifespan

①Wavelength: 254nm/UV output:1.1W /Pipe length:240mm×2

②Input power:AC 100 V

③Product size:360 × 280 × 200mm

④Weight: 3.0kg

・Strong against repeatedON/OFFlighting • Vibration resistant and highly reliable


Product appearance




Example Disinfection applications

N95 masks Goggles Pens
n95mask.png goggle.png pen.png

●Application examples from hospitals that applied for donations are introduced on the user website.


 ・Usuikai Hospital

 ・Okamura Isshindo Hospital

 ・Fukuoka Kiekai Hospital


●News update from the All Japan Hospital Association


●For UV-CCL Products information


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